Me riding a surfboard int the wind on some sand

Hi! I’m Richard.

This is my little bit of the internet. I’m hoping to post the occasional blog and some projects I’ve been working on.

Cruise Control .NET on Linux

Cruise Control .NET is an open source build server that I have been contributing to. This post is primarily aimed at CCNet devs and documents the steps to build and run CCNet on a fresh ubuntu virtual machine.

CORS with Redmine

I mentioned in my last post that I was working on an AngularJS app that queries the Redmine API. In this post I talk about how I worked around the same-origin policy using CORS so that my colleagues could get involved in development without having to mess with scary servers and such.

Kanban with AngularJS

At work we've been experimenting with Agile software development methods. On the whole, I'm not completely convinced by the whole Agile hoo-ha. Neverltheless I decided to use it as an excuse to try building a little web app. Intoducing kanbanter, a terribly named javascript app using AngularJS and the redmine API.