Richard Towers

Photograph of Richard sailing somewhere sunny

I’m a software developer from York.

As of 2020 I’m a lead developer on the GOV.UK publishing platform at the Government Digital Service in London.

I’m a keen (if not very strong) chess player, and a determined (if not very fast) cyclist. I can sail a bit too, so when the weather’s nice I like to do that.

Elsewhere on the internet


Content-addressable storage with postgres

At work we've got a database backed email system that's running into some performance issues. In particular, we're placing the database's disk under a lot of write load. I've had an idea that we could use content-addressable data to reduce the amount we write to disk, and get better performance from a smaller database. This post is an exploration of some techniques that we might look at using to do this in postgres - they're new to me, and as yet untested in a production environment.

Reflections on fasting for one day in Ramadan

I joined a fast-a-thon organised by muslim colleagues at GDS. A group of us signed up to fast for one day - “abstaining from food, drink and bad / negative thoughts, actions and speech from dawn to dusk”.

Old side projects

Looking back on some old side projects from when I was learning to code.

How this site was built

How the content of this website made its way from my keyboard to your computer screen.